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      I am moving to Colorado Springs in the next year, and lived in the Denver area for 15 years. Are there as many fantastic trails in the Springs area compared to Denver foothills and mountains? I’m looking on the map and it looks like there aren’t as many high peaks near the Springs (aside from Pikes Peak of course). If anyone knows the Springs area, how does it compare to the Denver area? I’m seeing a lot of wooded areas too near the Springs, so I’m a little worried I won’t have my above-timberline rides anymore.

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      Steve, the wooded rides are what I like to refer to as air conditioned mountain biking. There are trails in the trees that go unnoticed by some folks. Winding through a forested area on a singletrack is a perfect SS habitat for my Middlechild to rail. Do not discount the forests!

      Alpine has its merit just the same… The area of Colorado Springs has many places that are open and between Denver and the Springs, you should be set with many options. Good times and great bike experiences are in your future, indeed since the region is loaded with places to ride.

      Best wishes in your upcoming move.



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