Colorado high country above timberline still open

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      September is one of my favorite times to ride in Colorado.Sunny days and rarely a rainshower, but be prepared it could snow at any time. Most of the summer tourists have left, kids are back in school and the ski areas are starting to get ready for winter. Yesterday was Sunday and we saw only about half dozen other riders. We crossed over the Ten Mile Range on the Wheeler Trail between Peak 9 and Peak 8 at 12400 ft. in shorts and T-shirts. Well I geuss riding the high cuontry all be over within a month. It’s time to start riding close to home. I like rides that are over 20 miles. I do a loop in Evergreen that is about 35 miles and like Indian Creek and White Ranch. I ‘ve heard of Tour de Front Range but it’s a point to Point about 50 miles, but I don’t really care for Point to Point rides. I think I could modify it to suit my needs. [ Is mountaun bikining really a need?]I have heard of others riding Colorado Trail from Waterton to South Platte, up to Conifer and then back down Deer Creek Canyon rd. to Wadsworth. This sounds sick I might have to try it although it sounds like alot of road.Does anyone know of any other long Front Range rides that are good to ride in the Fall and Spring when there is snow in the mountains? With the price of gas I would stay as close to Denver as possible. Going to Fruita the second week in October. Anyone else want to go? Give me a P.M. 😃

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      I rode the Barr Trail from Manitou Springs to the top of Pikes Peak on Saturday (7500 vert ft…look for a trail description soon to come on with about 300 hikers in an organized hike. I thought that it was going to be hell having to get around all those hikers, but surprisingly, they were all very supportive giving me words of encouragement all the way. They kind of took me on as ‘their biker’. On the way back down the guys at the aid station said ‘there’s our biker! Did you make it to the top? Good job!’. Probably the best ride I’ve had amongst such a group of hikers.

      Believe me, I’ll remember their kindness and pass the karma along. In fact, one the way down, I found a digital camera snagged on a tree. I could’ve taken it for my own, but I knew that keeping good trail karma was more important than gaining a new camera. I took it to the aid station at the bottom and gave it to the organizers to hopefully get back to the rightful owner. In return, I gave words of encouragement to all the hikers that I passed on the way down. It was the least I could do for their kindness.

      It is getting cold up there this time of year, I didn’t bring a hat and it was borderline needing it above treeline. I’ve been snowed out before this time of year above treeline and learned that it’s better to be prepared for winter conditions than try to drop back down in a hurry before your hands and feet freeze.

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      Well JJonas, three days later and now there’s snow on the peak all the way down to just below 11,000′; — talk about great timing! 😀

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      You’re right telemarkdude…We could be out BC skiing next week…But I’m not quite ready to give up on peak bagging with the bike.

      We’re headed to Mt Bross and Mt Lincoln tomorrow night, hope my luck holds 😆

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      Well I think you’re in luck. The forecast is for good weather in South Park. I actually may be in that neck of the woods on Sunday. I’ve been trying to get out to ride Mt Sherman just a few miles to the South of where you’ll be. I’ve skied it a fiew times in the Winter and Spring so I figure I should be able to ride it as well. Just not sure about the short headwall just below the Sheridan-Sherman saddle and maybe a few spots on the summit ridge. Good luck with Bross and Lincoln. If you don’t mind carrying your bike up the talus slope just above the saddle with Cameron, you should be able to also get Mt Democrat at the same time.
      Have fun!

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      Well telemarkdude, we made it up Bross and Lincoln dispite the wind on Saturday howling and pushing us off our bikes. Had to been gusting to over 50 mph on the saddle between Bross and Cameron. Pretty cold at first light with the wind blowing. It almost blew me off the road a couple of times on the climb up. Probably almost all rideable in good conditions (i.e., no wind…which almost never happens in the Mosquito Range) except for the final 50 feet to the top of Lincoln. We opted out of going over to Democrat because of the wind.

      Broke four spokes on the descent from the top of Lincoln to Magnolia Res and my front skewer came loose 😮 I was already chancing it by riding with a broken front axle and I guess my bike didn’t approve of the abuse riding down the very loose and rocky mining road on the east flank of Lincoln.

      About 4 hrs to climb from Alma to the top of Lincoln and only 1/2 hr to get down.

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