Coil shock on trail bike thoughts

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      I have a Titus El Viajero with a SR Suntour Duair RC shock (both somewhat uncommon). I would say I am still dialing in the suspension but I found a good deal on a coil shock that will fit.

      I don’t have any complaints about my current set up but I am curious about coil. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out anything about my leverage curve to have an idea if it is a good application for coil.

      Any thoughts? Coil lovers? Haters?

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      I have a coil and air shocks. I mostly ride on air. I have found that an air shock has more finite adjustment for different terrains. Coils in my opinion, provide a more rigid suspension on the aggressive trails.

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        That is the opposite of what I would expect to hear. I would have thought it would have been more supple but blows through the travel to easily.

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      The proper selection of coil is key as to how the shock performs. They are rated in #’s such as 350 and 400 #’s, for instance. Too heavy and harsh ride, too light and easy bottom out. Bottom out and you risk breaking the shock mount on a frame.

      Air, typically easy to adjust into the ballpark that it needs to be in. With correct valving, they can be either firm or soft and plush as a 1970 Cadillac.

      Coils tend to perform very well on washboard since they can rebound fairly fast and not pack up.

      Air. While they perform very well, care in setting rebound fairly fast as well as air pressure for the riding style. Slow rebound causes pack up and loss of suspension function.

      Pack up is when the shock travels part way but cannot rebound or cannot do so fast enough to be active and plush.

      Push Industries specializes in shock modifications to improve performance and should have some write ups on their site. There are a few other operations that do shock services as well.


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