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      Hey there everyone! I’m from Greeley, CO and new to the forum but have been mountain biking for the last 2 1/2 years… I got into it when my ex-bf started racing DH and fell in love the sport. I just moved down from Vail to the Front Range and am looking for good trails around here. I’ve found a few so far but I know there are more!

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      Hey there soph,welcom to dont know any trails down there in greely,although I ride all the trails down here in the denver front range,mathew’s/winter’s,green mtn,dakota ridge,white ranch,lair o’ the bear,mt. falcon,three sister’s alderfer in evergreen.,apex.there all pretty easy to find so just look them up here on singletrack’s.and there really cool trails too,so come on down and shred.see ya steve32300.

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      😃 Thanks Steve! Thats quite a list… I love it!!

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      Greetings from VA. Always glad to have another rider posting here. I’m into my 4th year of riding and love it. 😃 It doesn’t sound like you will want for trails in your area. Hope to get out to Colorado someday and check it out (and Oregon, Utah, Arizona, etc. 😀 ).

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      Welcome to Singletracks soph. You will find that everyone here is friendly and willing to give advice on just about any mountainbiking topic you can think of. Be sure and add any trails that you ride that are not listed on this site already and review the ones that are listed.

      What bike do you ride. I have a Santa Cruz BLT that is in need of a bath but the riding is so good right now that I don’t want to spend my spare time washing a bike when I could be cranking it through the woods somewhere.

      Again, welcome and look forward to hearing from you on this forum.

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      heya aa! Thanks for the welcome!! I’m always looking for mtb advice, I really fell in love with the sport in 2004 but didn’t get my first good bike until last year when I was living up in Vail. I have a 2007 Kona Dawg Deluxe… I love it!

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      Kool bike. Do you catch any air or do you keep it on the ground most of the time. I don’t hit jumps or drop over four foot high. When you get older it takes longer to recover. When i was in my late teens and early twenties theres not much that I would not try. Now I always think of the what ifs. I did most of my crazy stuff on dirt bikes. I did not start riding mountain bike until 2 years ago and I could not believe what I had missed out on. I am hooked and I start jonesin if I go more than two days without riding.

      There is supposed to be a singletracks gathering this Labor Day weekend and I was planning on going but unforseen events here at home are going to prohibit my vacation. I could get a free flight and possibly a free rental for the trip but it looks likeits going to be a no show for me. I have been wanting to ride in CO since I started riding but now it looks as though I will have to wait a little longer. You should check this event out. You can find out about it by checking out one of the post the top of this forum.

      Here’s a pic of my baby.

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      😀 Thats a great pic of your baby! I rode a couple Santa Cruz when I was shopping, good stuff! So about this Labor Day get together… I saw the posts about them and am wondering how many people are actually going and kinda how it all works. It sounds absolutely amazing!

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      Welcome to Singletracks, Sophia! Glad you could join us.

      There are lots of good trails & trail systems here on the Front Range. I’m unfamiliar with your area, as I’m in the ‘Springs, but I’m sure everyone together here will help you find the sweet singletrack!

      The event AAbiking spoke of is Singletracks Durango 2008, which will run from Friday, September 5th @ 2pm, thru Sunday September 6th @ 12pm. It’s still in the final planning stages, just a couple important things to cover and set up for the riders and Singletracks that’ll ensure all attending will have a great time.

      This is the schedule (tentative) for the event:

      Registration cut-off: August 1 (early, $75), August 22 (late +$20), no onsite registration
      + $20 for shuttle fee; No refunds/cancellations after August 22. Limited to 80 slots.

      Friday, September 5
      Registration open 2pm-10pm

      Dinner on your own (in Durango or cook on site)
      Pre-ride the trails if you like.
      7pm – Social at pavilion (snacks, BYOB)
      8pm – Night ride (guided)

      Saturday, September 6

      7-9am – Breakfast (light: bagels, fruit, juice, coffee, oatmeal, etc.)
      9am-6pm – Ride! + Activities: TBD (vendor demos, clinics, ride demos, games)
      11am-1pm – Lunch on the trail (sandwiches, chips, drinks, fruit, cold towels)
      6-7pm – Dinner (grill hamburgers, brats, corn on the cob, pasta salad, etc. – or possibly catered!)
      8pm – MTB movie, slideshow, charity raffle

      Sunday, September 7

      7-9am – Pancake breakfast (pancakes, hard boiled eggs, pastries, fruit, oatmeal, etc.)
      9am – Ride on your own or with friends.
      12pm- Checkout

      So, feel free to ask any questions you may have about our favorite sport & bike-related issues. Unfortunately, I’ve been severely curtailed in the amount of time I can spend on Singletracks due to the Army (and budgetary constraints 😏 ).
      But….. if I catch a question you’ve posted on the board or emailed/PM’d me; when I do manage to check the site or my inbox, I’ll waste no time in giving you every bit of information and knowledge I’ve got to answer said question.

      Good riding; and see ya’ll on the trails (in spirit for me, I don’t ride much anymore).

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