Clipless or flat pedals for enduro?

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    I guess for a lot of people this is going to come down to what they ride on a regular basis, but does that change when racing enduro? Has anyone found one solution is faster or more comfortable than the other?

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    Yes, it does correspond largely to what I normally ride, but not in the way you’d expect.

    I generally ride both in fairly equal measure–and I’m about equally likely to ride either when riding enduro.  Each has their relative strengths and weaknesses.  It may just be my mood/whim of the day that decides.  Either that or whatever pedals I have on my enduro bike at the time and I’m too lazy too change to fit my whim!

    That said, it can depend largely on the course.  If there’s a lot of tight cornering where I want to throw out a leg, I’ll stick with the flats.  If there’s a lot of air, I’m more comfortable being clipped in when I leave the ground.  And, of course, the clipless are the way to go if it’s a pedally course.

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    I prefer flats because I feel more comfortable on the downhills and turns knowing that in case if something goes wrong and am not stuck to the bike. I don’t race professionally and just do it for fun so those extra couple of seconds that I might gain with clips don’t matter to me. I ride with guys that only ride cliples and they race with pros and i can keep up with them most of the time. Sometimes on the big uphills I fall a bit behind but on the straight away never an issue. I know for me riding cliples would increase a higher chance of getting injured so I stick to my flats.

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    After riding clipless for 30 years I’ve found it much more natural on flats. All riding, including Enduro feels more stable and confident.


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