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    The old duke shoot puckered up on this one. I went off the first tabletop and my back tire kicked up high and I landed front wheel first, bucking me up off my bike, still held on though. BTW I was riding clipped in.

    Edit: Sorry guys, forgot the flippin link haha here ya go

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    Posted a reply so the people who viewed it earlier will see I actually have the video up now 😏

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    Dang dude, that WAS gnarly! Looked like a close one! 😮

    PS that downhill course looks pretty sweet. I need to get over there and check it out.

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    Nothing brings a smile to your face quite like riding out of something you’re not supposed to 😀

    I wish the gopro chest mounts were more stable. I’ve got hours of video that is nausea inducing due to the bouncing. I’ve tightened up the chest strap as much as it will go which made it a little better, but I had hoped for more stability from it.

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    Yeah, its pretty awesome. If you need directions go to and make sure you pack a full face lid.

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    nice one

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    looks really fun.


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