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      Any special prefences for cleaning the bike?
      Who uses super special bike degreaser? palmolive anyone? WD-40?? 😼

      Now for lube, dry or wet? I’ve been using dry out here in Colorado.

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      for cleaning the bike i just use some dish soap in a spray bottle, i spray the bike down with the dish soap and use a bucket of water to wash and rinse.

      now for lube, on the chain i use Squirt Lube its a wax based dry lube and works awesome, for the derailer and brake lever pivots i like to use Tri-Flow and every few rides ill take my suspension pivots apart and grease them up with some Park Tool Poly lube to make sure thier still moving smooth.

      if i ever need to degrease the chain (which is rare useing the Squirt Lube) ill use some Park Tool Citrus ChainBrite or some Pedro’s Orange Peelz in a Vitamin Water bottle, ill put the chain in the bottle and let it soak for a few minutes, then ill shake the bottle like im making a James Bond martini to work the degreaser around to loosen up any dirt that may have made its way into the chain pivots after that ill just rinse the chain with water and use a brush to get off any remaining grime, ive found this method the best when it comes to degreasing a chain, i think the chain cleaning tools are too messy to use and dont really get the chain clean.

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      On my motorcycles, I used diesel fuel to clean my chain. Put it in a bucket and let it sit over night. It came out like new. I have not yet done this with my bicycle chain.

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      I also use Pedro’s Orange Peelz. If I’m doing a full cleaning, I will remove the chain and let it soak in it for a little while, dry and replace. If I’m just doing a quick cleaning, I’ll take a sprayer that attaches to the bottle and just give it a light spritz.

      As for lube, I’ve used many brands, but found that White Lightning does pretty well. I also use Tri-Flow’s Superior Lube / Dry Lubricant. As previously mentioned Tri-Flow does wonders on pivots, break leavers, and derailleurs.

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      White spirits for the chain and plenty of hot water

      the rest the muc off kit does the job, i just wish the degreaser and after care cans were not so similar (and yes i did, bike got cleaned twice that day).

      as for oil i use and was surprised, no road gunk after a week on the chain. come to think about it, it has been over a month and the chain still looks relatively clean, not even half a ton of dust on it like before with the finish line stuff.


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      "Dacorr" wrote

      White spirits for the chain and plenty of hot water


      +1 for this method.
      Here in the States, white spirits are also commonly referred to as "mineral spirits".

      Two jars, one filled with mineral spirits to clean, one to rinse with hot water piped in from Hell!
      The super hot water drys MUCH faster and you don’t have to spend as much time blowing out your chain after rinsing.

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