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      I’m doing some upgrades to my singlespeed bike to make it more street friendly. I have a THULE kids seat on it that I take my daughter on short trips with. The extra weight on the back makes me feel sketchy with my narrowish xc bars. I was looking at something like the on one mary bars for multiple hand positions when cruising around. Anyone run them or something like it? Likes or dislikes?

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      Good call. And you can use a set of bars like this for bikepacking too. A lot of my friends who are into that stuff like the Jones bars.

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      As mentioned by Jeff, Jones bars are my vote. All day, every day. This is what I use for my commuting and long “adventure” rides. Doesn’t offer the same control as a flat bar on typical singletrack, but it’s great for the open road with the ability to move around. That front part of the loop is really nice for mounting lights, and there are bags available that fit in the loop.


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      I’ll check those out, thanks.

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        Wow, I saw city and bars in the title and thought we were on a different topic. This wasn’t the bars I was thinking.

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