Chris Farley's family sues Trek over fat bike name

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      Somehow I never made the connection between the Trek Farley and deceased comedian Chris Farley. Apparently the family of Chris Farley sees it differently and is suing Trek for $10 million for misusing his name.

      Chris Farley’s Family Sues Trek Bikes Over ‘Farley’ Fat Bike

      What do you think: Did Trek intend the Farley fat bike to be associated with the famous “fat guy in a little coat” comedian?

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      If they did intend the association, the bike’s not nearly fat enough.

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      I don’t make the connection, but that’s just me.

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      Who was Chris Farley?

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      I never made the connection either, but I also never really thought about it. Now that I am thinking about it, it could make sense, but I can’t say for sure one way or the other. It could be names after someone’s dog or cat, for all I know.

      I guess only the folks at Trek know for sure and, if Chris Farley’s family is correct in their contention, it’s kind of disappointing to me that Trek would go there.

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      I always thought the ‘Farley’ was a play on ‘Harley’ as in “Farleys not “Harleys” I know there’s the fat connection but it’s not like Chris Farley had anything to do with cycling/bicycles. It seems to be a bit of a cash grab to me.

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      The cbs article mentions that Chris Farley was born and raised in Madison, not far from Trek HQ. Methinks the name was not a coincidence. I’m guessing Trek has committed a large donation to Farley’s foundation since they are allowed to continue using the name.

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      Apparently, from what I’ve read both here and other sites, I’m in a small minority of people who immediately made the connection.  I just assumed someone at Trek was a big fan of Tommy Boy or early 90’s SNL…


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      Ive always seen it as a homage thing. I didnt realize their HQ was so close to his hometown though.

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      I have always made the connection and thought it was brilliant! I wonder if the family of John Belushi will now sue RockShox for naming their fat bike shock “Bluto”!

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      Sued over fat farley… Sucks to be Trek. Hard to imagine that they would be inclined to believe any such association would sell.

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      As a Wisconsinite, Chris Farley is one of my heroes. That the bike was honoring(?) him was actually the initial thought that popped into my head when I first saw a Trek Farley. I just always thought they had permission in the first place.

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      seriously?   trying to make bank on the memory of a dead fat guy?  not trek but his family…

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       not trek but his family…

      That’s a weird take, considering this has been settled by Trek and it has pretty much been acknowledged that Trek was using Chris Farley’s fame and identity to sell bikes.

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