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      Hi all!

      I’m new to posting, although I’ve been a member for awhile and have been lurking on the website for longer (great info on trails all over the world!).

      I live in North Texas (Fort Worth) – not exactly mountainous but good riding, nonetheless. 1I’ve been mountain biking since 2006, seriously since about 2009. Currently, I have a 2012 Trek Mamba 29er, however, I’m looking to go to a FS bike.

      I’ve been searching and researching forever it seems on FS bikes and I’m a little bit overwhelmed to be honest and could use your help.

      I have some general criteria fairly well laid out:
      – Wheel Size: 27.5 in/650B (keeping the 29er and would like something nimbler and with the 26er becoming rarer, 27.5 seems the way to go)
      – Front travel: 100-130mm (120+ preferred)
      – Rear travel: 100-130mm
      – Price: <$3500

      Still combing through the finer details of bikes, but trying to pare down the list with the above criteria.

      I’m keeping the 29er – its a pretty fun XC bike that’s useful on the hardpack fast trails in the area. I’m looking for something in between an XC and a trail/AM bike. A full on 6" travel trail/AM bike is overkill for this area and I want something with a little more downhill capability than an XC bike affords.

      Based on what I’ve defined, I’m looking at the Giant Anthem SX 27.5 and the Santa Cruz 5010.

      Components are a little difficult to compare, with all the marketing for components it’s hard for me to determine what’s better than what. I guess that’s the next step once I have a decent list together, really shake out the component specs.

      What other bikes would you suggest I look at?
      Anyone have experience with the bikes I mentioned?
      Anyone know the weight of these bikes? (I think the 5010 is listed at about 30 lbs).
      Any other comments/suggestions?


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      My boyfriend has the Anthem SX and loves it. It’s a great all round bike.

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      Im currently looking to get a FS mountain bike as well…..looking at either a 2015 stance 27.5 2 or a 2013 trance 26 x3 both of them are in my price budget the stance being 1450 and the trance being 1250….any suggestions?

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      I’m just curious. Did you ever decide on a bike?

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