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      As with nearly every other bike model, those resourceful Chinese are working on an all carbon fat bike frame. Here is some info gleaned from MTBR as well as chatting directly with the factory rep:



      It has been surmised that the frames shown are actually OEM models being manufactured for 9zero7:


      So the “knock-off” model may or may not end up looking like this.

      I chatted with the factory rep and he indicated that the first batch has been produced and are being tested right now. Once testing is complete they will be re-worked as needed, or be ready for sale. Once they are deemed ready for sale they will appear on the company’s website and alibaba store. He anticipates that this will occur in 2-3 months.

      I asked if they are built around a 170mm or 190mm rear hub, but he declined to answer, saying they can’t release that info until engineering is done testing. He also said they are unable to release the pricing just yet.

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