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      Ok, I have a question about changing my crank. I have a 2016 Trek ex5 and this is the second time that the peddle has separated from the crank (threads stripped). When I received the bike last week this happened to me because of the peddle not being tightened properly. The mechanic at the shop told me everything was fixed and replaced. Well, I was riding around in my yard today showing my dad the bike because he wanted to check it out, while I was pedaling up the hill in my yard the pedal popped and came lose. After inspecting the pedal and arm to the crank, nothing was replaced, all the mechanic did was tap the hole and re tightened the pedal back down. So needles to say I am not very happy with the shop about this issue and I am thinking about replacing the whole crank myself. My question is how hard is this? It has been a few years since I have disassembled a bike. And since I am probably going to be going with a new crank, what is a good choice to go with? The one that is on the bike now is a Race Face 2×10. Thanks guys.

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      We can definitely get you on the path to replacing the crankset, but to be completely honest, the RaceFace Ride crankset, the one that came on the bike, is a fantastic crankset for the pricepoint and you’ll find near 5 star reviews anywhere you look at it. Changing it out on your dime wouldn’t be a smart way to spend your money on the bike.

      Although I can sense your frustration at the situation, the fact is you should not be spending money and time to compensate for the shop’s incompetence and apathy. You bought a brand new bike from them and that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that will be handled by any bike shop in the world that sells Trek. If you feel you can’t get a resolution from that bike shop, see if you can find another Trek dealer in the area. If it was me, I’d have my fat ass back in that shop before you can say "bacon" and would be walking out with a repaired bike and an upgraded wheelset, carbon bars or tubeless kit for my troubles.

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      I have already contacted them and they told me that I must have removed the pedals and then re installed them without tightening them properly (which I have not done). And yes I am soooooooo frustrated! I will call again tomorrow in the morning and talk to someone different and see if I can get a different resolution. But man am I so upset with how things have been handed at the moment and also don’t want to wait days for them to repair it because they are already upset with me, I know that they are not going to be getting into any kind of hurry to get it done and I want to ride !!! lol

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      Don’t forget my suggestion about finding another trek dealer nearby. Even if you have to drive a bit, warranty work can be handled at any certified dealer. Bike shops love to help people that are being mistreated by their competitors.

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      Yea, I am for sure in the process of finding another dealer as we speak. I just got off the phone with the store that sold me my bike and they told me that they do not have a crank in stock and it will be at least TWO weeks before they can have my bike back to me because they don’t order parts until Monday around noon and they are running a special next week and are pretty booked up because of that. I am to the point now that I wish I would have just bought a cheap bike from Dicks because the frustration I am feeling now is unreal.

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      That is a bad story! I hate to hear the stories about something like that being blamed on the customer. I’ve had similar experience in the past and it is frustrating. You should try to talk to the owner and/or manager and let them know about your frustration and that you don’t appreciate being treated like an idiot. I would also call Trek and complain. This is their problem in the fact that you are an unsatisfied customer of their product, even though the problem is most likely the fault of the mechanic who assembled the bike. Who know’s maybe Trek can do something to help. I would also post on the shop’s Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. if they don’t warranty your problem.

      And yes, I’d be looking for a new show to deal with…

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