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      Hello everyone, Im very new to MTB maintenance and I have an older bike that needs updating in order to be back on the trails as my backup. Basically, it was a top of the line Specialized FSR Ground Control in the mid 90’s. The cassette I have on it needs replacing. Its 8 rings, and Id like to go to 9. SO my question here is what else needs to be changed to make this happen. Do I need to replace my crank or top derailler as well?? I know just to begin, I need a new cassette, a rear derailler, and a new rear hub. All of those are bad and need replacing whether its 8 gears or 9. My top derailler is still good if its usable with 9 rings. All my current components are Shimano XTR’s. I plan on buying used parts to just get the bike back on the trails but can anyone help me here…? THanks!

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      "HoldFst18" wrote

      SO my question here is what else needs to be changed to make this happen.

      You will need to change the cassette, rear derailleur, chain and shifter. The crank will be fine.

      Also, 8/9 speed cassettes will fit on the same hub, so no need for a new rear wheel.

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      front rings, cassette, chain, rear derailleur, rear shifter if it’s an indexed shifter.

      Maddslacker has pointed out in the past that the rear wheel may not have enough space on the axle for a larger cassette, so that is something to find out about before you dive in as well.

      Edit*: hehe, the master beat me to it.

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      Front chainrings/derailleur should not be an issue.

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