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      ok, I need a bash guard for the TruVativ 42 cog 3rd gear chainring on my bike. I’ve seen plastic bash guards on some Giant front-squish bikes, and had one on my old bike but never bothered to check to see if it fit my new bike. the main reason I want it is to keep my pantsleg out of the 3rd gear chainring when I’m using the 2nd or 1st chainrings, which I tend to do alot

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      "pantsleg"? You need to get you some tight and shiny lycra shorts, that will cure the problem! 😆 (just kidden`, go get you a bash guard)

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      i just put a Race Face bash guard on mine ehile I was in Moab ($40.00). Not because of pant legs but because the slickrock mishap did a number on my c
      large (44t) chainring 😼

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      got a link to this bash guard? most of the bash guards I’ve seen have either been OE components on wallyworld deathcycles or a single Giant front-squish bike, or have been thick poly or metal units that replace one of the chainrings. in my case the chainring that would be replaced is the one I use for a lot of my riding and commuting to my favorite riding spots (and school. ya, I know, $1K bike on a high school bike rack. but most of the time it’s sitting by a Speccy Hardrock Sport that’s just as well equiped apart from no rear squish 😼 plus there are quite a few expensive looking roadie bikes on the bike rack)

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      Really, the only worthwhile bash/chainring guards are either the single or double bashguards w/ chainguide….. Or the afore mentioned wallyworld plastic rings that loosely can be described as bashguards.
      All they do is keep your Dockers from getting wound up in the chainring while on your way to the donut stand…. 😏

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      that may be all they do, but I’d much rather be able to ride the 2nd or 1st chainring without catching my jeans in the 3rd chainring, which can be one hell of a jolt depending on whether or not I’m pedaling like a man possessed. I don’t want a jolt that big when I’m out on the trail or commuting. anyone know where to get one of these wallyworld plastic chainring guards? I don’t want to buy a whole new bike just to get one bash-guard because that’s a major waste of money

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      Hey Slyp Dawg, hardly a day goes by without me seeing a "wally world" bike thrown in a dumpster. If your out riding around it might be worth your while to check this out. (YES, I`m serious) Both of my brother`s sons are riding on bikes he pulled out of the dumpster (my brother is in his 30`s, and is completely debt free, something to think about, no need to be a debt slave all your life). Plus if you wind up busting that puppy, it didn`t cost you a thing. (I haven`t actually looked at a wally world bike lately, I just assume they no longer have the old fashioned cranks on them) Take Care!

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      hm, good idea. but I would still be tempted to upgrade the shit out of it (being found in a dumpster that might be a literal statement 😃 ). I did manage to find a metal chainring guard that’ll work with a 3 chainring crank for around $35. 305 grams heavy, but for the added protection against logs and pants legs it’s worth it imho

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      ALL department-store bikes have old-style square taper bottom brackets (52mm shell or less)/spindles/ & solid crankarms. I’ve only seen four-arm chainrings on them. The chainrings & cassettes are stamped sheetmetal, and if you look closely, they’re very often not even deburred or straight.
      They have the worst weld-beads (contaminated/air-pockets) I’ve ever seen. They’re put together by minimum-wage stock-monkeys who know absolutely nothing about bikes. All their components are outdated sub-par rip-offs of the good stuff. Not only that, but department-store MTB’s are boat-anchors…. usually over 40lbs w/ gearing meant for a 20lb roadbike!!!
      For what they are, I wouldn’t even take a new wallyworld deathcycle for free. Riding one is a risk to life & limb, even when assembled by a competent mechanic.

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      Hey man,

      The Web is, Mine replaces my large chainring. There are other brands too. Check out e-thirteen and FSA as well. I don’t know how to do web links, sorry.

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      shimano still makes highend cranksets with the plastic "pant protector" the only problem… its only sold in europe. so if you can get it. buy a few, im sure some commuters around would shurly want a set

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