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    Anybody had any bad experience with chain wax. Brand of wax to purchase or avoid?

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    I have used several different brands over the last 20+ years and never felt like I had a bad experience. I am pretty meticulous about keeping my chain clean and well lubed.  My current favorite lube is Royal Gold, it is a wax and it seems to work very well.

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    I’m pretty much a Squirt fan.

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    Does that product come in liquid form or solid form (to be melted)? I googled it, didn’t see it.

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    I’ve never had a bad experience, and have noticed longer chain and cog life when I went to wax.  Started many years ago (since around 2000 or so I think) with White Lighting brand, and still use it today.  I’m not as particular about chain maintenance as I probably should be… full cleaning once a month-ish (20-25 or so rides), adding wax when it “looks” like it needs it between cleaning.  For reference, my riding conditions are far more dusty than wet.

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    Thanks for the input

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    I tried it for a while (White Lightining and Squirt) but felt like I wasn’t getting the mileage out of it that I get with other options. Sometimes on the ride back my chain would start getting noisey. Maybe it’s too hot here in GA? Dunno… now I prefer ProGold ProLink Extreme, it just works.

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    Another vote for wax.  Been experimenting with making my own.

    Currently running soya wax with teflon….



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    Hi @clwollard.  Here is a link for Squirt.  It is a liquid product but dries to form a dry waxy lube.

    To answer fatlip’s concern.  It’s not the heat; it is the moisture conditions.  Yes, a product like Squirt is not as long lasting as more oil-based products, but Squirt is designed for dry and dusty conditions like the US West and the more oil-based products are designed for wetter areas like GA where he resides.  If you use the oilier products out West, you will regret it as the oil just collects all the dust and dry dirt … RAPIDLY.  The wax/paraffin products actually self-clean (fall off) some as the dust collects on the chain.  It is recommended that you apply these kinds of lubes at least an hour before riding.  I usually have to apply a new coat (and wipe off the chain a little) every few rides.

    So in the end it all depends on where you ride and the conditions.

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      +1 on Squirt….seems to be the persistent fave for mtbs among the LBS mechs here.

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    I’ve used White Lightning for years (since the late 90’s) and have been happy with it, but I live in a fairly arid environment. If you live in an area with any real moisture, you’ll probably not have as good an experience.  Unfortunately, the “best” chain lube is dependent on your area and environment. I’d suggest reaching out to any local riding groups (there are a lot on Facebook) and ask what brand or type of lube is most popular in your area.

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    Very good information folks, I live southeast of Houston, on the bay. Not arid! I’ll pursue more of an oil based.


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