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      I have a love/hate relationship with CRC. Wondering what others’ opinions and experiences have been. I’m a huge fan of their quality in-house brands and aggressive pro-customer pricing. However, I’ve definitely had mixed experiences with the ordering process and customer service. Anything from completely botched orders that end up being cancelled, to massive delays with bike deliveries (no trace of the bike from the warehouse to the courier, eating an entire week of delivery time) that have caused me problems. My previous and current order fall into this category and their customer service of late has basically equated to a Shitey McShrug ¯\_(?)_/¯ . Sometimes bike and gear deliveries are time/travel sensitive and I would have definitely paid a bit more from their competitor to avoid another botched order from them.

      I’ve had positive experiences too but just curious what others’ experiences have been.



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      I only bought one thing from CRC- a shock pump. Overall, my experience was okay.  They had the best price I could find online for that particular item. It took more than two weeks for the pump to get to me which was a problem. Apparently they didn’t ship it out until almost a week after I placed the order, despite charging me for it immediately. At one point I really thought I was never going to receive the item and was jipped out of $30. It did eventually arrive in perfect working order.

      I would like to see what other people have to say as well because I might buy some new pedals from them in the next few weeks.

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      I have had three orders with CRC. The first two went amazing, but were small items (sprocket, bolts and tires). Quick shipping times, and great packaging. My last order for a wheelset, was not as pleasant. It was filled by Wiggle for CRC. Slow shipping, and poor product packaging. Luckily the damage to the wheelset was only a scuffed sticker, but a simple piece of cardboard between the wheels would have prevented this. I also have a coworker that had a similar experience with a Wiggle filled order from CRC. I hope they get things sorted,as they have some great prices.

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      I’ve bought everything from chainrings to whole bikes off of CRC. Every order except one went flawlessly. I’m still in awe about how fast their orders come from the U.K.

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      I’ve ordered many times from CRC to SoCal.  I’ve never been disappointed, always surprised by how quick my orders show up.

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      I used to buy all my bike stuff from them until i realised other online stores can deliver faster. Why wait 2-3 weeks when i can get the same in 2-3 days?

      The one thing they are good at though is offering refunds. I regularly buy clothing in different sizes and send back the ones i don’t want for a full refund. Also i bought a pair of Oakley sunglasses which i hated and immediately sent back for a no questions asked refund.

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      My only order from them so far has been a multi-tool, but I was pleased with the price and the shipping time was impressive considering they’re across the ocean. Would buy again based on my own experience.



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      I’ve only ordered from them a couple of times. One time they sent me a brake pad package that had come open and there were no pads in the package or anywhere in the box the stuff was shipped in… very odd. But to their credit, CRC responded to my email about this by sending out a pair of pads to me so I have no complaints as they resolved the issue in a timely manner.

      The funny thing is, when the new set of brake pads arrived the actual product packaging was halfway open already so the issue was with the brands packaging not being very good (Nuke Proof brand; I’ll probably just go with TruckerCo next time I need pads)

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      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been happy to use Jenson for smaller items but have been on a tear with some new bike purchases, all through CRC. Had a few major snafus however. After I posted my original post, I had to have the current order canceled due to the bike simply getting lost before the courier could collect it. Odd, and able to be replaced but the order corresponded with upgrading a bike for a time sensitive trip. Was a bust. I’ve heard some other feedback regarding Wiggle recently purchasing them which may (?) have contributed in some reduced quality control

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      I’ve bought from CRC a couple of times and my experience were by far okay. On time and no issues with the product i received.

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