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      In the last week I’ve had a strange problem with my drivetrain. Whenever I shift into specific sprockets on my cassette, the chain seems to be jumping forward over the teeth making a nasty grinding noise. Pedaling is nearly impossible and I’m sure it’s hell on my drivetrain. I just had my local bike shop adjust my rear derailleur and cable so I don’t think it’s a shifting problem. It occurred soon after I replaced the chain however I don’t think this is the problem either because it does not happen on every sprocket, only specific ones, and I measured and counted the links on the old chain to make sure it fit well.

      I’m thinking maybe the cassette is worn and the chain isn’t riding over the teeth right-instead stripping over the top. It only happens when I push down hard on the cranks like on a steep climb or sprinting on the flat. Any advice/thoughts on what’s going on? I’ve never seen or heard of a problem like this before. I thought I might get a new 9 or 10 speed cassette anyway so hopefully it’s not a greater issue. That being said, I really have any idea if it’s the derailleur, the chain, the cassette, my shoes/socks lol. Any advice/thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks everyone.

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      Classic symptom for a worn cluster.  The cogs that are not jumping simply aren’t as worn as the ones that are.

      New cluster time.   And if you’ve never changed your chainring(s), that’s likely due as well.

      Next time, change the chain more often.  You’ll get a lot more life out of the cluster/chainrings if you do so.


      This is assuming your derailleur is, in fact, adjusted correctly as you say.

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      Replace the cluster.  Classic problem of not replacing the chain often enough!

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      Sounds like a cluster but it would hurt to check the indexing of your gears. May be an easy fix related to maintenance. I always start at the obvious and work up. Helps me to avoid throwing parts at something.

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