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      While riding today, I kept hearing a loud "pop" or "snap" occasionally as I usually went down hill, then re-engaged the drive as I climbed a hill.

      A couple of times the entire crank system seemed to come done, kind of like my chain came off. I stopped and looked and my chain was still intact, but the cranks would pedal forward with little to no resistance.

      I rolled the crankarms a couple of times, and the crank resistance would come back. Finally that stopped happening, but I would still hear a loud "pop" or snap every few minutes.

      I am riding a Raleigh 29 XXIX singlespeed with a EBB. I recently had to replace the two bolts underneath the EBB with two bolts that appeared to fit correctly, but were longer in lenght.

      Any ideas what is going on?

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      i think it might be a broken pawl in ur freewheel, i doubt its the bolts u replaced even if they are a little longer i dont think it matters cause ur bike uses a pinch bolt setup for ur EBB(i think), but i would just take it to ur LBS and have them take a look at it and they should be able to tell u whats wrong

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      Sounds like a freehub to me also

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      +1 for freehub. I’ve had a couple of BMX bikes do that back in the day.

      Time to go to a fixie? 😃

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