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      Im new to singletracks, and have a question about chain wear.  The bike ian old Specialized Hardrock sport (no suspension) with 21 speeds.  As far as the cassette, it looks ok.  The front chairings look a little pointy in spots, but mostly decent.  The chain measures beyond .75%, so that has to go.  Can i get away with just swapping the chain?



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      If the chain is beyond .75% you’ll probably need to get a new cassette. But don’t do it right away–I say throw the new chain on, take the bike for a spin, and see if you’re getting any “ghost shifting.” (Ghost shifting is basically when your chain jumps on the cassette without clicking the shifter.) If not, you’re in the clear and don’t need a new cassette this time.

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      I agree with Jeff. My dad is notorious for letting his chains get so bad he has to replace his cassette’s, not a huge deal but if you ever upgrade to a 1×11 it is a very expensive mistake.

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