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      I am currently running a sram 890 chain, but i keep breaking it when climbing. If i stay seated and spin through the climb it is fine, but if i stand up and power through the climb(in granny gear) it breaks.

      Is there a stronger chain i buy?

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      This is what I use and it works very well,I was breaking chians for awhile too and this chain holds up because of the hollow pin makes it strong.

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      sounds good but can i use a 9 speed chain on an 8 speed setup?

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      Oops,apparently I cant watch playoff football and think mtn bikes at the same time,hahahaha.

      I’ve heard these work really well but havent actually used em before,but here’s a link for an 8 spd. chain.Curious to how much you weigh dude,I’m 300 but my broken chains were mostly due to mechanical issues and abnormal wear and tear.Tell us more about how you are riding when your breaking chanins.


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      i think i may order the chain you listed and keep my current one as a back up.

      ah, i forgot my weight. I am 205 lbs. Come to think of it the chain breaks when the rear suspension is getting a workout (ie. powering though a climbing out of saddle plus large roots). Maybe i need to just develop a sit and spin approach to climbing.

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      The chain wheels and cogs look good. I built the bike 9 months ago so i don’t think anything is worn yet. I don’t do any power shifting to lower gears. That just seems like a bad idea.

      I don’t usually stand and power up climbs, but some time i don’t choose a low enough gear for the climb or rider in front of me suddenly slows. i stand up and power though the climb instead of shifting to a lower gear.

      Looking at the chain this morning i see that the chain is breaking in the same spot. Maybe that link of the chains is messed up. I am going to replace that link with some of the spare links i have.

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      I weigh 200lbs and live in Colorado where we DO have stand and grunt climbs.

      I have never, ever broken a chain.

      I run a PC870 on my old hardtail which is a work commuter now. This bike carries me and my 15lbs or so laptop bag, and I nail it pretty hard when in automobile traffic, especially when I forget to shift out of a tall gear at an intersection. 😏

      My mountain bike has a Shimano XTR CN7701. I have ridden with that chain all over the Front Range and in Moab. If any of you have ridden Slickrock, I rode up "The Wall" a couple of times with that setup…no chain breakage.

      Chili may have hit on it: make sure you are shifting properly and efficiently. Also make sure it is clean and well lubed, with the excess wiped off.

      And for the record, I am a former hockey player with decent leg strength. If anyone can break a chain, it should be me!

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      after reading these posts it sounds like your re-using the connecting pins and thats whats causing your chain to break. the connecting pins are peened and when u remove them u sheer off the peened end making it to where the conneting pin isn’t really holding the chain together like it should thus causing a weak link where the chain could break.

      i dont really know if u can get replacement pins for sram chains but i think u can just use a power link where it broke, if im guessing right i think just the outer plates broke on the link and the power link can replace that, hope this helps and good luck

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      "trailrider247" wrote

      after reading these posts it sounds like your re-using the connecting pins and thats whats causing your chain to break.

      ah ha. I am reusing the pins. I’ll go get some power links so that i can fix it right this time.

      thanks everyone.

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      LOL…nice catch.

      For the record, the Sram power links work great on Shimano chains as well.

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      A wheel, several crank arms, even a frame, but I’ve never broke a chain. I now feel weak and feable…..

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