chain adjustment raleigh xxix single speed

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      I’m new to the single speed. Having problems rotating the eccentric bottom bracket to tighten chain. It seems "frozen".(I have loosened the 2 locking screws) Any suggestions???? Also instructions on removing rear wheel for repairing flats.

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      I don’t have an answer for you but I’m sure someone around here does.

      How do you like the Raleigh XXIX? I test rode one in September and thought it was a great bike…

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      thanks i’ll keep waiting for a solution. I’m pretty happy with the xxix so far. Different ride from my Superfly but the big volume tires soak up a lot of bumps and hits. Excellent handling on twisty trails and tight turns-also not bad for short climbs. Great for conditioning!

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      While "foolin around" with the eccentric bb I found a solution for rotating the bb. After backing out the two 4mm set screws I placed a 4mm "T" hex wrench in 1 of the 2 holes in the face plate situated on the non-drive side. Then while holding the hex wrench securely I turned the crank arm against the hex wrench using the pedal. Voila – the eccentric rotated! Depending on which side the crank arm is in relation to the hex wrench, movement can be clockwise or counter clockwise. When the chain has enough slack it can be slipped off the rear cog then the wheel can be removed. (for changing flats, etc)

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