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      Hello, Singletracks community! As you may know, I am a writer and recent contributor on the site.

      Later this month I get to chat with XC/Enduro legend Cécil Ravanel, and I would love to add some of your questions to that discussion.

      What do you want to know about one of the most talented riders in our sport? Something about training? Future plans? Challenges and obstacles of her pro career? Her favorite ice cream topping? Tire Pressure? Best hometown tracks?

      I will ask as many of your questions as time allows, so fire away!

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      I’m always curious how much time pro athletes devote to training. Like is training a full time job, or just part time? Does it ever get boring?

      Also curious if Cécil has any thoughts on why more women don’t ride mountain bikes.

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      In no order of importance:

      • What kinda of styling products does she use in her hair?
      • What was the last thing that embarrassed you?
      • What was last album/song she downloaded/acquired?
      • Name something that scared the living shit out of her, but she liked it so much she did it again.
      • Favorite curse word in French, English and any other languages she speaks?
      • If she was not racing what would she be doing for employment?
      • Besides the champagne what is her favorite post-win libation?
      • Where would she live if she could no longer where she lives now?
      • Randoms: Favorite artist, writer, philosopher.
      • What the most beautiful place in nature and the most beautiful city she has been to?


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      • When did you realize you could be a pro
      • Do you know what you’d like to do when you finish as a pro rider
      • When your pro days are over. Do you envision going back home, or have the travels made you think you will plant roots somewhere else? (Or not plant roots at all?)
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      What I’m curious about the most when it comes to Ravanel is how she remains so consistent. Like….she wins pretty much every damn EWS round every time, haha. Is there a key to her consistency, or is she just on a next level?

      Is there anything that actually throws her off, or gets in her head when she’s racing? On a bad day or bad round for her, what is it that seems to go wrong?

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      Here are mine.

      What do you do to prepare in the last hour before a competition both mentally and physically?

      When you are riding and don’t feel ‘dialed in’ on any given day what do you do?

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      Thanks for these, y’all! The interview is next week, so if anyone has questions they would like to add please get them to me soon.

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