Catalyst Flat pedals..we shall see

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      I just heard about these huge flat pedals from “Pedaling Innovations” on the MTB Tribe podcast (not a bad podcast, but not as good as the singletracks podcast of course). Anyway, after reading a handful of reviews including one long-term review on here

      I was convinced and placed an order for a set of black “Catalyst” pedals. I am excited to try them out after not getting along with any pedal I’ve tried since my old Primo “Meat Tenderizers”  back in the day.

      The dude who developed these has pretty harsh opinions about other types of pedals and it kind of put me off at first, but then I read story after story and comment after comment about how the concept  behind these pedals are for real.

      Anyone else tried them?

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      I have a pair.  I also have some One UP components flats and to be honest, can’t tell much of a difference in efficiency or stickiness because my foot doesn’t slip off of either pedal.  It’s nice to have the huge platform but I also get more pedal strikes while pedaling out of a corner while still somewhat leaned over.    They are really heavy which is another downside.

      All and all, I’m glad I have them because they are reasonably priced, have a lot of surface area, and look nice.  But I don’t think they are the miracle pedals that the marketing makes them out to be.

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      I love mine. As long as you use them as intended, they work way better.

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