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      I was wondering if it would be possible to compile a catalog of trails in the Atlanta area…or within an hour or two drive of downtown….which feature at least one tabletop jump that can be easily “sessioned” for practicing.

      I know the Big Creek freeride area features a great section for this, with a beginner line and an intermediate section.   I think there’s a few tabletops scattered on Powerhouse/Raceway/Turbine at Rope Mill, maybe a little tougher to session.    Wondering about any other recommended trails.    Allatoona?   FATS?   (I’ve never ridden those.)   Others?

      Thanks in advance!



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      For sessioning and progression, I don’t think anything nearby is better than Big Creek.  Allatoona is probably next best.  There are some short downhill flow lines of varying difficulty.  I haven’t been in a while, but I recall being airborne some.  Blankets Creek has the Holler which is good as well, but they come at you pretty fast if you are a beginner.  At Blanket’s creek, you can ride the Dwelling flow lines over and over.  The one that veers off to the left at the fork (can’t recall the name) has a few tabletops, though I find it a little harder to actually jump those compared to Big Creek.  You do have a good drop at the end of that flow trail that is also solid as far as building confidence in the air.

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      I’ve never been to Jarrods Place but it looks like the jumps are significant.  Might be worth a look.

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