Casino could block MTB access to Vietnam


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      John Vosburg of Holliston, NEMBA’s chairman of the Vietnam Land Management Committee, explained that passive recreation users have grandfathered permission to use the myriad trails snaking from the main roads to Vietnam.

      The casino would block access a half-mile from the Dunster Road trailhead in Holliston, one of three main approaches, taking routes like Swamp Bypass, 50 Yards the Hard Way, Lost Trail and Whale Rock out of commission.

      "It would take out a good chunk of the trails that are used," Mr. Vosburg said.

      He said that studies have shown passive recreation users, like hikers and mountain bikers, tend to take care of the trails and keep remote areas from attracting dumping and other illicit activity.

      NEMBA members have been active caretakers for the land since they raised more than $200,000 to purchase and preserve Vietnam a decade ago.

      Read the full article here: … 89589/1116

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      I have been watching this and the town recently voted not to allow the Casino be be built! 😃

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      "Doomed" wrote

      I have been watching this and the town recently voted not to allow the Casino be be built! 😃

      Nice, that’s great news!

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      i need it too!

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      Greg, after reading the article and pondering the damage done by such development, hafta point out that many times, this type of thing takes away from communities more than it returns. Been there, done that… In years been and gone, the loss of irreplaceable mountain bike habitat took a trail space from our community to make way for housing development. Destroying the area in its entirety would be devastating. Taking out a few trailheads, damaging. There are many hurdles that this venture is up against and that hopefully can make it less attractive on many levels. If that doesn’t do the deed, folks will need to get a well sorted presentation to put forth during the PUD process and convince the authority having jurisdiction to place requirements for trailhead and trail preservation to be inclusive in any approvals. While the latter isn’t the best outcome, it beats the hell out of losing a resource altogether.

      Best in the preservation effort…


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