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      We are beginning to see many dead Ash trees come down that were damaged from the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle.  Most of the dead trees have not fallen yet. So, I think we are at the beginning of a long tiresome trail maintenance year.  I got tired of walking 6 miles of trail carrying a saw.  So I mounted my chainsaw to the fat bike.  I also manipulated a small handlebar bag to fit as a rear pannier.  With this setup I can carry 2 large water bottles (33 oz each), 1/4 gal gas, bar oil, chain file, folding hand saw, lunch, misc tools, and put my clothes in it that I shed as the day warms up.

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1025"] This makes trail maintenance go much faster.[/caption]

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      Wow, nice setup!

      Not sure if they still make this but Dakine used to have a pack that could fit a chainsaw.

      Dakine Builders Pack Review: Easily Holds Your Chainsaw

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      That’s an absolutely fantastic setup!

      During my <= 5 mile walks in, I fantasize about converting a seed spreader into a bike trailer that will carry a rake, gas, weed eater and chainsaw.  I haven’t followed through yet but it’s more important to me every time I go out 🙂

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      Good on you for keeping the trails clear! How is the rack mounted to your bike? Were there eyelets?

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      Jeff Barber,
      I carry the saw on my back often. I put shoulder straps on the existing saw case to make a backpack of it. That works when I can shortcut the trail to get to the problem area in the shortest distance. Loop trails are easy to shortcut. Linear trails can be a long distance to walk though. That’s why I mounted the chainsaw to the fatbike.

      Do it. I have found the easier I make it to do trail maintenance the less WORK it is. And, the more inclined I am to do it. I have a lot of fun riding the fatty with the chainsaw. I do not enjoying carrying it by hand.

      There are stanfard rack mounts built into the seat stays. For bikes without mounts, the same setup can be achieved with a rack designed to mount to the axle. Actually, the rack I used was intended to mount that way. It came with a long scewer. I originally started with a rack designed for fatbikes with built-in mounts. I found that a standard rack meant for a skinny bike worked better in my particular case.

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