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      I have sidi dominators and wondered if anyone ever oils etc their shoes?
      Mine seem to "squeak" ? What kind of polish/oil?

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      I am new to the mountain bike shoe scene but what part of your shoe is squeaking? I have Shimano shoes and nothing on my shoe moves but the straps.

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      not quite sure, nominators have 2 Velcro straps plus a buckle
      I don’t think it is the shoe pedal interface?
      I have been riding for 20+ years but never had the squeak issue?
      just wondering if anyone had similar issues

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      Where is the squeak? Sole to the leather side? Front or rear? Tongue against the straps? I run 5.10s, but I do have Shimano M087s and those haven’t squeaked, but if they did, I suppose that would be my guess. Any loose parts inside? They may be like the old leather baseball glove, shaving cream and some oil, lol….

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      You sure it’s not a squeak in the pedal? Do they make noise when you’re off the bike? Could be where the cleat and pedal meet, or possibly a pedal spindle? Sometimes squeaks can be deceiving in their location.

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