Car/Truck Seat Cover?- for post ride mud

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      So I finally traded in my  20 year old 4Runner for a new (to me) ’14 FJ Cruiser.

      Spring MTB season is fast approaching and the trails here will be wet and wild from April to early June, which means that, after each ride, I will look like Andy Dufresne after he crawls from the Shawshank sewer.

      I would like to keep my nice pristine seats, nice and pristine for a year, maybe two 😉 — but I don’t want full blown nip&tuck seat covers. The cover needs to go on and come off in under 10 seconds and be capable of being machine washed & dried 3-5 times a week. Right now I’m thinking of buying a huge beach or spa towel but I need a way to hook it over the headrest.

      I’m hoping that someone has either seen a commercial product as I’ve described or made their own?  – thanks!

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      I’m on my second year with this:

      NeoCrafts car seat cover

      works really well even though the clip that holds it to the seat is kind of chintzy.




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      Leader Accessories car seat cover $25.99 on Amazon. I saw it on Seth’s Bike Hacks recently, and bought one myself. I love it, and don’t know why I didn’t learn about it sooner. It’s exactly what you’re describing that you need. I use it in my ’06 Tundra, and it fits perfect.

      Here’s Seth’s video. The seat cover is @2:36:

      Here’s the product link:

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      Perfect!….just what I had in mind. Cheers!!

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      I have some nice seat covers for my truck that work well. I also always bring my trail dog who loves the mud and water. I have a second seat cover on my passenger seat and I also bought a couple of large beach towels for her seat. I keep them on the seat by putting a couple holes where the head rest goes. So when they get gross I just pull the headrest out, swap in a new towel and wash the dirty one.

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