Canyon Stoic vs Grand Canyon?

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      Hi everyone!

      I am writing to get some advise on my next bike purchase.

      To give some context: I already own a full sus bike (Giant Trance X 29) that I am very happy with and I am now considering buying a good hardtail as a second bike.

      I have looked around and have narrowed down to the Canyon Stoic and the Grand Canyon. Regardless of the model I take I’ll likely get the top specs (Stoic 4 or Grand Canyon 9) which have the same price where I live.

      However I am unsure which bike will better suit my needs. Intended usage will be riding moderate to technical trails from time to time and occasional long rides with the family.

      My heart says to go with the Stoic which is more trail oriented and would likely be more fun but my brain says to go with the Grand Canyon that is more of a XC bike, can probably do trails as well and will be more comfortable for other outings.

      Which one would you pick?

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      Are these both available at a loco bike shop? If so, see if you can rent them for a couple days and give em a good shakedown. Usually, a shop will do this and credit the rental fees toward a purchase.

      This can give you a clear answer to a very subjective and situational question that only you can answer.

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        Thanks for the reply.

        There is no store carrying Canyon bikes where I live (Singapore), Canyon only sells direct to customer shipped from overseas.

        I’ll check if I can find rentals for other bikes with similar geometry and specs but eventually I expect I’ll mostly have to make a call based on datasheets.

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      Given a choice, I would always pick the bike with the most progressive geometry. You can always put a set of light-weight fast-rolling tires on the Stoic if you want an XC feel. However, putting a set of aggressive tires on the Grand Canyon will not make it into a good trailbike because the geometry is jus too XC.

      I suggest taking a test ride on the 29er Trek Roscoe and Marlin. Those bikes are similar to the Stoic and GC.

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