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      To all,

      Word of caution when dealing with Canyon.  Post sale service is like a sheep in wolfs clothing.  I bought a Spectral from them in 2014.  Great bike but brakes failed within 2 months.  They were replaced, so OK.  Frame cracked after 18months.  Finally got a replacement after 4 months.  That frame cracked 18 months later……..Rather than a replacement frame, I went for a crash replacement option for the new Spectral 9.0 CF Pro – NICE.  But it arrived with a dropper that didn’t work (how is that possible????)……Had to wait another 5 weeks for a replacement…..finally got to ride it and 1.5 rids in, the forks failed…….Asked for my money back so I could get a bike via a shop, and all they have offered is….send the forks back (at my cost!) and they will assess and send back to rockshox……Looking like another 5 + weeks till they come back.

      The time scale for this is 8th June 18, frame cracked, new bike arrived 22 August, dropper sent off 23 rd August, dropper back and on bike 2nd Oct, fork failed 4th Oct……still waiting….

      I had Bike Park Wales booked for Fri 5th and Mon 8th – canyon’s response to this was, well ride the bike anyway – I had 95mm of front fork travel!!!!! Really?

      Bottom line is once they have your money, they say things like “we have stream lined the process and will get you back riding asap”, and “this will be sorted this coming week”, BUT it never is.

      Think twice about buying Canyon.  Spec and prices are good, unless it goes wrong………If it does go wrong, they dont care…….


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      Sorry to hear of the troubles you are having. They must be really frustrating and hopefully you will get things worked out soon.

      I looked hard at Canyon bikes when I got back into the sport. They look like a lot of bike for the money, but I ended up back at a favorite brand of mine, Specialized. There is something so comforting about a national dealership network to handle any warranty issues and beyond. Support is especially important when you are on that vacation trip (burning your small amount of time off) and can’t get your tech issue resolved in a timely fashion. While I haven’t used the warranty on my bike yet, my son has an identical ride and has experienced a few minor issues. The local Specialized shop takes care of problems with a smile even though the bikes were purchased in another town.

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        Cheers Mike,

        Its still dragging on as Canyon appear to be refusing to offer the option of a refund or replacement bike.  Instead they have said all they can do is repair the forks as its over 30 days since they shipped my bike to me…..even thought the bike was unridable until after the 30 day period had elapsed and then failed on the second ride once it was finally OK to ride!  Great!

        In future, I will only buy from a bike shop as this, as you say, is just appalling service and would never occur if you could physically return the bike to where you bought it from.  Also, bike shops care about service, as they need to……where as direct sales dont, as they dont need to……

        Lesson learnt the hard way………

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        bike shops care about service, as they need to……where as direct sales dont, as they dont need to……

        I agree that may be the case, but it’s not 100%  I’ve experienced some really bad service from an LBS, including warranty work.  Fortunately, there are many shops to choose from where I am.  In fact, I wound up going to a competitive brand seller to get service.  As for direct sales, that’s just my personal choice of purchasing.  I guess I just can’t pass up on the savings.  And like all things, not everything is the same.  Your feedback on Canyon is useful.  I also looked hard at Canyon (Spectral).  But due to customer service, I chose otherwise and went with Whyte.  They, like some others, have the option of going to an LBS for service and getting reimbursed.  Yes, there’s temporary out of pocket costs, but for me, it’s a small price to pay considering what I saved on the original purchase.  But, I have yet to require any factory service, so it’s a non issue so far.

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      I too had problems wit Canyon, bought the new Spectral late May and around July discovered a crack on the chainstay, found out I wasn’t the only one having the same problem  and Canyon sent out emails about it but it took them a long time to send the replacement chainstay and I lost the whole summer of riding because of it. During the process I’ve called,email and message them on FB and got the same generic response. Before I bought the bike I’ve researched about them and there were a lot of BAD customer reviews about their customer service in Europe, but I roll the dice and bought the bike anyways thinking it might be different here in the US, boy I was wrong.

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      Yeah, I wish I had gone with Whyte….I have the 901 and if I could have got the full refund from Canyon, I would have got the S-150c rs.  I am still waiting on the forks to be returned……..apparently I have been prioritised!  I have learnt that this means I have to wait, wait and wait some more……..When you call them, they all say “We will get you riding as soon a possible”……well in my, the bike arrived on August 22nd, and I am still waiting……….

      Do they really care?  No!

      LBS is the best option…………………

      mccooleet – interesting that you had a crack in the chain stay……both my previous canyon spectral frames also cracked there too……..and like you, I have lost the summer riding because if it (two summers in fact)……..


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