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      I have a big problem with the Canyon custormer service and i started searching online for information, I found this article on Pinkbike about a cracked Sender and how great the Canyon`s reply was.…-repsonse.html
      The most interesting part was “somebody with an email address may get priority (and I hope this isn’t the case)”. I want to share the experience of someone with a different email address.
      Last year i had a minor crash on the road with my Canyon Torque. Realy important, on a road. not a dh track, not a drop, nothing on what the bike is built for, i just sliped on a road. Not a really good rider here. My crank arm bent like a twig. I contacted Canyon on 1 july, asking if i can buy another crank arm form them since i cant find the 165mm arm that was on the bike anywhere else. Also i said buy just because i wanted to speed things up and have a bike ready mid season. On 5th of september they answered,saying they can provide the crank arm , that it will be 89.99 euro and some payment options. Then they changed their minds and there was some emails excchanged and on 16 oct they concluded they will not send the crank arm and the discussion is over.
      I bought a new crank arm and hoped i never have to deal with them again. First mail was on 1 july and they “solved” it on 18 oct. Nothing more to say except i rode my old bike last year.
      This bring us to the current year.
      Remeber i barely rode the Torque. I had a play in the rear shock. Something to do with the rebound circuit. The more dampening , the bigger the noise it made.
      I sent an email with a video describing the issue on 30 march. No reply on that one so i made another warranty claim wich was answered on 18 may. During that time i sent the shock to a bike shop hoping they will fix it. The bike shop sent it back , saying it needs more then a service and its a warranty issue. In the meantime the answer from Canyon came on that 18 may email and i sent the shock to them. From the previous experience i was allready not looking forward to this one.
      They said the damper was opened and that the measure spring has been forgotten in the last service. The problem is the shock was never serviced since i didnt get to ride my bike last year
      It was opened because i sent it to the bike shop. So if any problems were with the shock it came like this when i bought the bike.
      Anyway the last mail came on 4 june saying they will send the shock back to me unprocessed.
      This year again i`m riding my old bike. I bought a new bike last year wich i didnt ride and also i couldnt sell my previous bike. Thank you Canyon
      in conclussion . this is how Canyon customer service deals with mere mortals.

      My question is . Is there anything i can do about this ?

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      There is an inherent issue with the shock being taken to a bike shop but when Canyon cannot reasonably respond to the crank arm issue in a timely manner, shame on them. The shock having been opened by others voided Canyon’s responsibility.

      Now you can send it to one of the many shops that service shocks and make the bike at least usable. The other option is to simply replace the shock but that is a costly option.

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