Cannondale Trail 5

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      I have this bike, so far it seems decent, I’m a beginner rider. The reviews for this bike or ok except for the brakes ( Promax Orange Mech Disc ). I was wondering what would be a decent upgrade.? I havent tested the bike at all, I have about 18 miles on the bike… Thanks

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      I couldn’t agree more. I put BB7s on my bike about a month ago and have been loving their awesomeness ever since. Great braking power mixed with excellent modulation. The installation was simple and they are easily adjusted.
      I watched this video: and was riding in no time or should I say "stopping" in no time. 😀

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      Thanks for the info, I will look into the BB7’S- Took the bike on my first trail track couple of days ago brakes seem to work ok, well kept me from eating a tree anyways.. Thanks again

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      Congrats on the new CDale. I have a Trail 6 and my buddy has a Trail 5 and we both like our bikes quite a bit. I upgraded the stock grips to ODI lock-ons and that seemed to help a bunch. My next upgrade will be clipless pedals when I get the cash.

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