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      I have a 07 Cannondale Prophet that I’ve been thinking about converting to 650b wheels. I know the bike is on the list as one that can convert. I’ve also read references to some here on the forums. I was looking for some feedback from any one that has converted one. Was it worth it? Did the climbing of the bike stay the same or better? Do they usually ride the bike in the FR or XC shock setting, etc? Just looking for some real good feedback before I do or do not jump in. Pros and Cons Thanks.

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      I have the same bike and was also thinking about the conversion to freshen up the ride. I have the same questions as you and was hoping to tag along on your post. Hopefully there are some members on here that have done this and have some answers.

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      If you find the answers somewhere else let me know. I haven’t yet. thanks

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      I found some more info on, enough that I slapped on a new set of Stans 650b rims. I have only had the chance to ride about 7 miles on a mild extremely leaf covered trail, but I loved the way that they felt. I currently have it in the xc setting(always have) and did not experience any rubbing at all, they have plenty of clearance. I do have another rear shock on the way and at that time I may try the fr setting. Loving it so far but it is still early in testing process, need to get some more miles in.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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