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      I’m moving from New Jersey to Texas, and I’m still figuring out what to do with my bike.

      My bike is DiamondBack Overdrive 29er 2016. I got it used for $250. I do not have too much stuff so I’m taking with me only what I can fit on the plane.

      I found a used Cannondale Trail 5 29er (no idea of the year, its red with some gray accents) in really good shape also in $250 in Texas. I was thinking about selling my DB in NJ and just get the Cannondale in TX. However, I later realized that the Cannondale is single speed and front fork has no suspension. I use my bike mostly for intermediate trails.

      Is the Cannondale still worth $250 just for the frame over the DB, considering that I will need to at least get a freewheel, a rear derailleur (I like single speed in the front) and a front fork with suspension for the Cannondale?
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Just FYI, I’m not a pro so I’m not thinking on getting expensive components. Maybe Deore.</p>
      Thanks for your advice

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      You might find this useful:


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