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      Hey guys, just browsing, looking, and comparing my LBS prices to what I’m seeing online.   Now I know the benefit of supporting my LBS so I don’t need to hear that angle
      My question is, us as Canadians, don’t we get slammed with some major tariffs or taxes when buying a complete bike from elsewhere(like Chain Reaction Cycles or Jenson).  I mean, their prices are mouth watering, even with the exchange, but I don’t want to get hammered when I go to pick it up at the post office.    I tried reading it up online but I found it very confusing.  Maybe it’s just me.
      If any of you Canucks have purchased a bike online before, could you please give me the dirty on the process and prices.


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      Chain Reaction is in England so US as to pay import on full bikes too.  But have you been here..

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