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      I’ve always ridden a hardtail (currently a Salsa Timberjack), but decided that since I now live in rocky Arizona, I’d venture into the full suspension world.  I picked up a 2015 Santa Cruz Bronson that is in good shape.  It had previously been converted to a 1×10 with a 30 on the front an an 11-36 on the back with a mid length XT. Everything worked fine with this combo.

      I decided to see if I could go larger on the back so I purchased a 10 speed 11-46 Shimano cassette, new 10 speed Shimano chain and a long cage Shimano XT derailleur. I did part of the work but handed the bike over to a friend to finish.  He’s having trouble adjusting the long cage so it doesn’t end up hitting the spokes.  He’s not a mechanic and he and I both wonder if 1. is what I want to do possible? and 2. is it an issue of adjustments and I need to break down and take it to a real mechanic?  Opinions please!

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      There should be plenty of space and adjustment for the setup to work. The derailleur should have travel for the upper pulley to line up with the largest and smallest gears. This is what the limit screws do,  is to set the maximum travel and prevent overrun. There is one labeled H and one labelled L for high and low gear limit.

      Frankly, I run 10 speed 11-36 and a short cage RD for the reliability of it and it keeps my bike’s junk outtat the dirt and debris.

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