Can I swap the cages on my derailleurs?

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I have a Sram X9 derailleur with a long cage and a Sram XO1 derailleur with a short cage (both 10 speed). I want to swap the cages so I can use the XO1 with my 40t cassette. Is it possible?</p>

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    Some RD’s can be changed in that One Up sells cage parts intended for use with “wide range” cassettes.

    Usually, the inner cage portion is staked in position but some are removable. Take a close look at the construction of the RD.

    It may require removing the two pulley bolts to access the inner cage to determine how it is fastened.

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    You cannot swap a XO cage with anything but another XO cage or this:


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