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      We here in the Emporia Kansas area are known for our gravel grinding in the Dirty Kanza. Now the High Gear Cyclery team and Trek Bicycle Company have teamed up to add 1,320 feet of new trail to the Camp Alexander loop. The new section is called the Flow Trail. Dewayne Buratti a trail manager for Trek calls them rollers. "You just pump over them. You pull up when you are going up, and you push down when you are going down. You don’t even have to pedal, and you get speed.” There are also “jumps” on the trail. Some are “step-down” jumps, where the take-off is higher than the landing at around 4.5 feet. There are also “step-up” jumps, where riders will have to give their bike a bit more to clear the landing.At the end of the trail is a berm that will point riders back around toward the camp’s headquarters. So I say thank you Trek and High Gear . This section of trail is fun and challenging. Hope to see some new riders stop in and try your skills .

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