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      Hey Yall im tryng to buy a new bike. My budget is around $2000. I have short listed the following three bikes, 1)Specialized Camber 650b, 2) Giant Trance 3 and 3)Kona Percept 150. If theres any other good bike in the category please let me know. Im a beginner, but eventually ill be going fast on trails. Please help me make this decision. Thank You

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      I haven’t ridden a Camber (which is only 130mm suspension), but have ridden a StumpJumper (which is more comparable to the Trance and 150),  the Trance and the Kona  Process this spring..

      I liked the Trance best, fit me better, rear the rear suspension seemed more receptive to small bumps. I found it good for everything.  StumpJumper, I cannot say anything bad about it, just didn’t feel as good to me as the Trance.

      The Kona Process was nice and actually seemed a little harsh to me, like I didn’t ride aggressive enough for it. It seemed to me that it would be a better bike for someone that pushes the bike hard, that is not me.  (Trance might work just as well when pushed, but I wouldn’t know) Also the Precept is suppose to be a little less aggressive (per the demo operator) but they did not have one for me to demo.

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      I have recently purchased two 2016 Giant Trance bikes. I have toyed around with Trek, Specialized, Lapierre and Scott. Ultimately landed squarely on the Trance, since it has an all around perfect build for both the weekend leisure rider to the hard core trail blazer! It has a great suspension, great geometry, and climbs easily while being an absolute stallion on the descents. I felt the Secializwd ran big, was more finicky  (good on one thing but not the other) depending on your previous ride setup. I am not familiar with Konami since I have never rides one. My vote is for the Trance, you will not regret it.

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        I noticed you ride in Lawton OK a lot.  I have a friend stationed there that I am helping get into Mountain Biking.   I was wondering what kind of bike he would need for the trails there?  FS or HT?   Thanks!

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      Oh ok. I did go to a store and test ride a camber 650b and i liked it, but haven’t tested a Trance 3, so ill go to a store and test a trance 3 and see whats up. I really appreciate yalls views on this. It was helpful. Any more suggestions are welcome

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      I am in the same boat as you.  Looking to upgrade to a full suspension bike and am limited to what my local bike shops carry Kona, Specialized, Trek, Giant, and  Rocky Mountain.  Yea I know about the direct buy lime YT and Commencal but looking to buy local now.

      In my opinion Camber and Precept are more alike then the Trance.    Trance will be able to take you further to where you wanna go….just like me.    I say get the Trance, I know I will.   Unless I get a smoking deal on one of the other ones.   The components on the Trance are also hard to match.

      Good luck

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      The Precept 150 is the most aggressive of the three. Slack front end, 150mm of travel, dropper post, burly Maxxis tires…it’s a party. If you are looking to get crazy that’s the one to get. It is also likely the heaviest of the three, but IMHO has the nicest parts spec and will take more of a beating. The Specialized will likely be the best climber of the bunch with the Giant in the middle.

      The real questions for you to answer are what kind of riding you want to do and where? After that test ride them and pick the one that hits the mark, is the most comfortable/makes you feel the most confident and you like the color.

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      On a related note, remember that $2K will go a lot further with a nice hard tail than with a full suspension. Hard tails are great bikes to begin with as they teach you about handling and line choice. I cannot recommend the Kona Honzo Al for $1600 MSRP in this regard enough. Great spec, bombproof do-it-all bike and with the money you save you could do some upgrades down the line. This bike is ready to rip outta the box though.

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