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    I want buy mtb but i see different things in mtb what interest me for fun and that are nice tires nice wheels and nice crank with usefull pedall in life for grip in mountainbike so must i buy a new one or used or last one made by handle it self like buy seperate frame, fork bla, bla ,bla. I think of everything seperate because reading reviews about forks, wheels, crank bla,bla,bla are interest in me for make it myself in life but price are high but build high in life with secure i like it again in helping hand others. Can someone give me advice which frame i must buy it is for hard trail and cross crounty mtb or maybe also a little bit hike mtb for me.

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    There are a lot of questions packed into one. Buying a bike already put together is usually the most cost effective. Bike manufacturers get deals on parts that,  even with the whole bike sold on a markup, is add up to a lower overall cost. If you do the math of all the parts on a bike vs. the whole bike, the whole bike will normally be a better deal. If you want very specific parts, you might not find exactly what you are looking for on a full bike, but unless you know exactly what you want generally full bikes are spec’d out pretty well.

    As for full suspension or hard tail,  that depends on the riding you do, your local terrain and total budget. My local trails are very manageable on a hardtail. There are places I go where a full suspension is better.  I think it makes sense to buy the bike that suits the riding you do most of the time… or have more than one bike 🤔

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    Hello! You can buy a bike for a specific area on which you plan to ride. and over time improve some parts by replacing them. unnecessary can sell

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