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      I’m wanting to build a jump in my yard and have a start to one that would be a tabletop type,I just need more dirt.

      Anyone have any good advice or is it just sort of a trial and error type thing?

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      Man,I wish you were here too…it is possible to camp in the yard,haha.

      I didn’t think about the wood base but I do have a few big fallen branches I could cut up and use,that’s a very good idea! At the moment I have a section of plastic drain pipe that forms the peak of my jump with dirt packed in on either side.If I launch off of that,it’ll be a flat landing.

      Thanks for the advice and I’ll see what I can do when it warms up this weekend

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      I dug up a bit more dirt and got the launch about 2 feet high and pretty steep,with the other side a long smooth slope to land on so someone can hit it without fear of clearing it.I tried to get a little bit of a double goin on but I kept destroying the top of the mound with my back tire so it is just an even slope now.

      With any luck,I’ll be able to hit the bigger jumps down the street later this year.

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      Careful using wood as a filler – it will rot. Especially when it’s buried and can retain moisture. It will last for a while though.

      From my experience, you need close to 4ft of height for a steep launch. If yours is only 2ft, but is steep, the transition is probably too fast and it wont ride very well – it’ll be more like hitting a bump, instead of something that smoothly lofts you into the air. You could mellow it out though, and make it more of a kicker, something that throws you out more than up. Those are fun too, especially if you space the landing out so you have a gap to clear. You wont get enough air to do any tricks, but it will flow and be smooth.

      Good luck! Post some pics!

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      I guess its a bit between a kicker and a nice upward launch…I overdid the angle of the launch one time and had to shave it back down,actually when you were here Chili,but it’s doing better now.I’ll get a pic up in a little bit when I wake up and go hit it a couple times.

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      The good thing with a dirt jump in the yard is you can gradually make it bigger over time ! Enjoy the air time.

      I would also use logs as a base, just sayin’

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      Very true Garbanzo,I’ve added to it about 3 times now.The rest of the family didn’t like it when it was just dirt on each side of the drain pipe so I figured I may as well add to it.Other than being really dry it is in great shape.I also had to make a trail extension in case I hit it too fast and can’t make the turn to the inside of the satellite dish,haha.

      I’ll get a pic or two up in a bit.

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      sorry it took forever to get a picture up….



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      where the heck are you going land?! very steep…I’m with Chili on making a transition of some kind, but if you hit that with any speed you got balls of steel!

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      It’s not a very big landing slope..correct on that ,but it is a huge difference than when it was flat,haha.

      That nice sculpted lip got destroyed as soon as I hit it and as dry as it was,the very very slight slope of a landing took a good pounding too.I’m to the point where I know where I land so I can start adding a good chunk of dirt for a transition.

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      nice jump galaxy. how tall is the launch? it looks big alone, but with the cat next to it it kinda scales it down some.. about 1 & 1/2 – 2 ft?

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      I would say about 2 feet high on the lip of the launch,I’ll try to get a pic up of either me jumping it on SaiyanFury’s Snare, (Evo needs cables run and a brake mount)or a bike next to it for size comparison.

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      I found a couple paragraphs on dirt jumps that is kinda what I was looking for.


      "The size of your dirt jump is very important. You want them to be the right size to project you and your bike the correct distance. You don’t want to build a jump two feet tall and have the take-off and landing twelve feet apart. It would take too much speed to clear a jump like that and you wouldn’t get any height.

      A dirt jump for beginners should be about two feet tall and around four or five feet apart. An average dirt jump should be about four feet tall and around six foot apart. Check out some photos to get a good idea of what dirt jumps look like and how tall they are in comparison with how far apart they are."

      From that I guess I picked a good size to start with,haha.

      I’ve watched the Santos crew hit the jump lines quite a few times and never thought much of it but I think I want to build a jump bike after watching them yesterday.I had been looking at a frame on Craigslist for a couple months and planned to pick it up Thursday but it just sold.I’ll have to keep an eye out for a complete used DJ bike somewhere.

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