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      I need a good and inexpensive 27.2 cable dropper post.  I have $150 and I weigh 175 pounds. Thanks!

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      You may need to add a few bucks, or find one used, but I have a KS LEV in 27.2 on a Cannondale and it’s been stunning. Two years of heavy use and not a single problem so far. Well worth the money.

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        Is it hydro or cable?? I need the one where it’s on the outside, not the hidden ones.

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      Here ya go. Inexpensive, external and easy to work on. You won’t find a hydro 27.2 dropper.

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      I have a KS Eten, only 100mm drop and a little slow coming back up, but I weigh 200lbs and have been using it for almost a year no problems. Jenson has them now for $116.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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