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      Hey all –

      The event page for the third annual #BrutalLoop is up! https://www.facebook.com/events/1893148107621219/

      There’s a link to registration in the event details. Registration is $45, which includes parking, access to the bathhouse so you can clean up after the ride, lunch, beer, and a super sweet piece of shwag! All proceeds from the event go to the North Georgia Mountain Bike Association, which maintains and builds trails in and around Ellijay.

      So come ride your bike for a really long time, eat some great food, and drink some beer for a good cause!

      Registration is limited to 75 people, so don’t wait to sign up.

      Holla if you’ve got any questions about the event. I hope to see a bunch of you there.

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      I’m there!

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      Sweet, I’m in. Should have a few from my riding group/club/team/whatever the hell we are going too.

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      Our buddy Noah put together a quick highlight reel from his Mountaintown recon this week!

      Highlights From Mountain Town and Bear Creek #BrutalLoop from noah williams on Vimeo.

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      I was contemplating it, but this is the same day.


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      You’d really go ride your bike at Big Creek instead?!?!

      There’s always gonna be some conflict, it looks like the Cohutta 100 is the same day as well. No shortage of spring events down here!

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        @Aaron Chamberlain “You’d really go ride your bike at Big Creek instead?!?!”

        Well, yeah as there are a few things in play…

        • I’ve been to all of the Quick Six races either as a participant or a volunteer course starter. I will do one of the two options this year depending on…
        • …my new bike arriving. It should be here by then, but things take longer than they do. I have a beater hard tail I could (and have employed), but we’ll see.
        • I’ve ridden the “Brutal loop” combo many times over the years (did everything, but MT [too damn cold for that nonsense] a couple of weeks ago).

        Its a great group of trails, but I have to say that the dynamic can get weird if you have a group larger than a half dozen of varying skills and styles together. My gang ride big(ger) bikes, grind our way up, laugh it off and then let all hell break loose coming down. I have no issues riding with anyone, but the above is what I find fun versus going anaerobic coughing up a lung up whilst racing to the top on an XC rig. Then having to fight that pony on the way down? No thanks. Party.

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      You guys have fun! And don’t forget the pix and write ups.

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      I gotcha, I’ve actually been wanting to do the Quick Six for a while now, but the timing has yet to work out.

      Looks like Ethan Quehl is building more trail/jumps up there this week. Enjoy it!

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      Aaaah yes, the Hawkeye revisions. One of my goals is to be able to contribute enough dough that they’ll let me name a trail one day. As such, this is what I hope to go with.  “Deathryder”  a tune in regular rotation in my playlist from one of the most crazed and ahead of their time bands ever.




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      Some more info on the Brutal Loop, including what you’ll get to take home…

      Register for the 3rd Annual Singletracks Brutal Loop and Get a Custom Knife

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       @Aaron Chamberlain “Some more info on the Brutal Loop, including what you’ll get to take home…”

      Take home?!? Eff that! I say we inflict some Turkish revenge on each other as we pass. Good times and everyone will go home with some great stories and scars to share.

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      Signed up +1

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      And… we’re officially sold out!

      Terrapin on board again as the official beer sponsor so it should be good times.

      Weather report is looking hot on Saturday so be prepared. Mulberry Gap is planning to have a sag stop at the bottom of Mountaintown, but as always, seek to be self-reliant.

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      WOW! Thanks to everyone that came out for the Brutal Loop. The turnout was incredible.

      We had pretty good weather, it wasn’t too hot, but man was it humid. Mountaintown was just as amazing as ever thanks to the hard work from Cartecay Cycles in Ellijay and volunteers from the local IMBA chapter. They cleared numerous trees in the week leading up to the ride. If you rode, you probably noticed the fresh sawdust on the trail.

      Personally, I didn’t have my best day (apart from stomping the Mountaintown descent). I actually cut out Pinhoti 1 to get back to Mulberry early. Then I got a flat at the bottom of Pinhoti 2. After a burrito and a cold Terrapin, I felt much better though!

      For those that did ride, what did you think? Anything you’d want to change for 2018?

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