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      so, I got a great deal on a 2018 Santa Cruz Bronson 2.1 c R1 build.  It’s a large frame.  Unfortunately I think the frame is a bit small for me, and if I’m going to go with an xl (for the first time ever) I’m also thinking I’m going to move up to a 29er wheel.


      The 2018 YT Capra AL comp 29er looks like a bad ass bike to me.  I bet I can sell my Bronson for $3k and Buy the YT for $3k too.  However, a part of me thinks I may be totally crazy giving up a bronson – one of the best trail bikes out there despite it being a bit small for me.


      Im 6’1” — do I simply make it work and be slightly uncomfortable or do I try the bigger Capra?

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>If you decide on the Capra I’d recommend trying to demo before buying. I’ve found, if you’re on the fence size-size, it’s usually a good move to go with the smaller option when moving to a 29er.</p>

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        I would love to demo one but since they are an online bike company only no bike shops vary them to demo.

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      Yeah, I’m aware of YT being online only (I have a Jeffsy). Have you looked to see if they have any demo dates in your area ( Or maybe do some extensive cross-referencing on bikes with similar geometry you can demo.

      Part of why I suggested test fitting is I know the Jeffsys feel a bit small, but the curved seat tube limits how low you can run your seat on a larger frame. It results in a narrower window for bike fit than you might be used to.

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        Unfortunately I haven’t seen them around my parts of NC ever.  I did see thdon’t complaints about th seat posts on the Jeffsy but from what I understand they fixed that issue on the capras.  I feel like the Jeffsy is very close to the geometry of my Bronson and the Capra is slightly longer (but front angles both at 66degrees.)


        as far as quality of the bikes or rides do you deel im sacrificing anything by leaving the carbon Bronson and moving to the alloy Capra?

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      I have a large 2018 Capra AL, and I love it. It’s a little on the heavy side(34lbs w/ DHX2 shock) for big climbs, but it truly does everything and absolutely shreds descents. The stand over is so low that the fit is very adaptable. I’d say the overall build is probably better on Capra as well. The paint on the Capra looks good but doesn’t hold up too well. If that’s a big deal for you, invest in some frame protection.

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