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      After a year of punishing my Heckler with all sorts of riding, and not having anything ever go wrong with it, fate and/or karma finally caught up with me. This is not a fatal breakage on the bike, just a little pain in the butt breakage.

      Back in November I had a bit of an incident. I wasn’t paying attention and wandered about a foot off the trail and dropped the front wheel in a hole that was covered with leaves. I saved myself, but the bike went down hard on the drive side. The XTR derailleur never shifted right again. For Xmas, I got a new XT Shadow derailleur and slapped it on. Sweet shifting piece of work there…good job Shimano.

      About a month ago, I broke the chain over at blankets. Quick repair job, no problem…kept riding. But, I needed a new chain, so might as well get a new cassette while I’m at it. Ordered it and had it in about a week. SRAM cassette and chain. Installed it, and took it for a test spin around the neighborhood. Ooohhh, something is wrong. The chain doesn’t feel like it’s meshing with the derailleur at all. Under pressure, you can see the der arm kicking around all over the place. Oh man…

      So I think, maybe the SRAM chain just doesn’t play nice with the Shimano der. Eh, worth a shot, but I was really just being a bit delusional. Tried a new XT chain…same thing. Crap! I don’t want to have to buy a new der!!!

      Okay, packed up the bike the next day and took it to the shop. Two of the mechs rode the bike and they both said it was very strange. Then Josh the wrench pulled out a metal bar with a gauge on it and hooked it into the derailler hanger. Bam, hanger was bent…

      Okay, so when did that happen? Did it happen back in November? Oh wait, you might ask, if the hanger was bent then the XTR is still good, right? No, because we had already installed it on another bike and was told by the same wrench that it was twisted. Okay, then, so why did the Shadow shift so good on a bent hanger until the chain was changed? That’s the mystery. When the chain broke,I wasn’t up out of the seat hammering a climb. It was under minimal pressure as I crested a hill. It didn’t twist the der either. I don’t know….strange.

      So now I’m waiting for a new hanger/dropout from SC. They are moving their warehouse so that delays it even more. Fortunately I have a SS that I can ride, but I miss my big orange Heckler. I haven’t ridden it in about a month and I miss it.

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      It sounds like you might have just gotten lucky when you first installed the XT and it was adjusted perfectly.

      Or, maybe the XT Shadow sticks out too far and you bumped it, bent the hanger, but didn’t notice it. Just kidding, those XT Shadows are nice.

      Sounds like a new hanger will solve your problem.

      Good luck.

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      If you trashed the old changer in Nov, then you probably trashed the hanger, too. Hangers are supposed to break instead of the changer. The SRAM cassette might sit a millimeter different than than the old one and that was enough to gomer up your shifting.
      Why don’t you straighten the old hanger and get the Heckler back on the trail?

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      I have had to straighten my hanger so many times I couldn’t even count them. The shops tell you to buy a new one when they get bent, but seriously, I have straightened mine dozens of times with no obvious problems. After awhile you get really good at just eyeballing it and knowing which way it needs to get bent to put it back in line.

      These days my old body doesn’t like crashing on the rocks anymore, so I don’t bash the bike like I used to. 😢 I haven’t had to straighten my derailleur hanger in about a year…

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