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      So I am logged in, and s supporter. I clicked on the link to read the article about Electric MTB in PA and it pops up the “support us” and says “Login” at the top instead of Account.  Clicking on “Login” takes me to my account profile showing that I’m logged in….

      Thought you should know.

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      Yeah, but it was fixed.

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      Apologies for the late response!

      It could that the page is being cached. That is, if you visit a page and are not logged in, then log in and return to it, you’re still seeing the cached version.

      Try this and let me know if it works: Log into your account, then visit the page in question. If it looks like you’re not logged into that page, hit the refresh button in your browser. That should call a fresh version of the page showing the correct status.

      We’ll look to see if there’s a better way to manage caching so this doesn’t happen…

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      Jeff, I had done that.  Several times. I even cleared the cache for that page and it still kept saying I wasn’t logged in. I have not visited the site without being logged it.

      It lasted 2 days, the third day I went back to the page it worked fine.

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      Strange! We’ll keep looking into this to see what could be causing the problem.

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