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      Hey folks!

      Yesterday I destroyed my first derailleur. It is a right of passage I didn’t feel like paying for so I figured I should at least get a good thread going about it right? I would love to hear your guys mid ride breakdown stories and see some photos of more exciting breaks than mine. Lets hear your cool breakdown story and how you got out of it. Here is mine, a pretty stereotypical one to get us started:

      Displaying IMG_0533.JPG So there I am in North Park in Pittsburgh PA, banging down the downhill trail. right after the wooden half corkscrew ramp there is a bridge. The end of the bridge had washed out just enough to become irresistible to use as a drop, so I hucked it. unfortunately I forgot my fundamentals and didn’t look down trail to see the pile of rocks and Y in the trail right in the landing area. So there I landed about 1 whole foot from the rocks, threw it into a skid, and promptly inserted my derailleur into the crack between two rocks. That’s when the unmistakable noise of a derailleur meeting its maker sounded. I got off the bike, shouted to my friends angrily “I’m done for the day!” (which made them both think I crashed and broke myself), and got to work. Tried to turn the bike into a single speed. Failed. Took the chain off and rode Aaron Gwin style to the bottom of the track, then realized I had a nice long hike-a-bike back to the car.


      Also, not to sound like a salesman, but if you’re bored and want to check out a new YouTube channel here is a link to mine(Disclaimer: I didn’t get this break on film).




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      Haha nice thread idea! I’m always breaking something.

      Here’s my most recent (and a first for me): snapped rear Maxle. Ended up being a warranty issue, so didn’t have to pay for it.

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      Woah greg heil! pardon me I’m a little star struck having the editor in chief on my thread. That’s an interesting break, the part must have been really messed up. usually something else fails long before one of those bad boys.

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