Broke my first peddle today

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      Well to start off I have a 09 trek 3700. I’ve been I’ve been doin a lot of beginner and some intermediate MTBing. After all this time today I broke my first peddle. To be honest I’m not upset at all, I can’t believe they held this long.
      So here’s the big questions, since I have to replace them should I stay with upgraded pedestal peddles, or go with beginner clipless peddles. I see the benefits of clipless peddles the only problem is that I don’t know if I’m ready for them. There’s teckneek that I need to learn like, track stands for the most part.
      So what do you guys think, what should I do

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      Clipless pedals are the single best upgrade you’ll ever make. Better than anything else.

      Do it.

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      I upgraded from platforms a few months back and took the plunge to the clip in world. I didn’t think I ever would, but I just sold my platforms and think I will never go back. Go clip ins, expect some falls at the beginning, I did. It just comes with the territory. If you have access to a trainer practice on that before taking it to the trails.

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      first off, welcome to the site 😃

      the things you might want to consider before going clipless is the type off riding you do, if you do mainly XC type riding then clipless pedals are the way to go, but if you do more DH and FR type stuff then flats are the way to go IMO, i like to ride flats, but my riding style and the type of riding i do just doesnt work being clipped in.

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      I use to ride platforms and when I got a new bike with clip-ins it was great, well at first I fell a lot, but I think it made me a much better rider in general because I couldn’t wuss out as easily on rough sections, it really forces you to try to stay on the bike more since you’re attached to it. Plus clip-ins are much smaller than platforms so when your navigating really technical stuff, you’re less likely to smack a pedal on something. If you go for clip-ins, don’t do any crazy trails, do easy stuff until you feel confident you can unclip easily, adjust the pedals so you can unclip easily, but not so loose that you unclip while riding technical rough stuff of while just riding in general, thats another benefit of clip-ins, when your cranking through very techinical/rough sections, you’re feet stay firm on the pedals, you just gotta maintain balance.

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      Go clipless and don’t look back. don’t think about it another second, go buy them now. Just get a shoe with a good stiff sole that fits well and don’t be afraid of the falls. Most of your falls starting out will be at extremely low speed or stopped and you’ll just fall over, then laugh. Have fun.

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      Clipless all the way. It is a bit of a scary thought at first, but totally worth it and not scary at all. flamingotter is correct, most of your falls will be at extremely low speed – so no big worries there!

      I got Shimano M520s – nice intro pedals, relatively inexpensive and have huge adjustments to make them easier to get in and out – which again helps with your comfort level in feeling you can get out quickly… check them out. After a few rides you’ll wonder how you rode without them.

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      thank’s guys, big time. I do mostly XC, FR, DH, riding. I do think clipless peddles are for me. As I said the big things I need to learn is BALANCE, and doing more peddle work when going down hill so I have enough speed to get up hill. I find myself stalling out right before the top of hill and falling backwards lol . whats yall opinions on combo peddles, worth it or just clipless?

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      i rock these, i ride whatever i can, and mostly have XC stuff around me so the clips are great, literally doubles your speed, but these have a ton of grip and clip in easy, and crank bros pedals are easy as heck when you need to bail out.

      clips are great, faster, easier, AND it makes bunnie hops and front wheel manuals super easy(although potentially dangerous if you mess up)


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      +1 on the mallets. Clipless is great, didnt think i was ready for them either. You get used to it of course. Bombing down hills i feel like im in more control cause im locked in (my feet used to bounce off my non clipless all the time (stock with bike). So you can get more power and speed going downhill to carry you into the uphill which you can then push and pull to get over. Without clipless you get just the push. Its a great upgrade. Still getting used to going over logs while clipped in but that i believe is all mental.

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