Broke my bike 2nd time out

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      Hello all.

      I’m new around here and new to MTBing. I started seriously road biking about a year ago and fell in-love. When the northeast weather turned cold and wet a few friends convinced me to also give mountain biking a try. I watched one video of the Monarch Crest trail and immediately started shopping for a MTB. I was hoping to get something used but finally pulled the trigger and bought a new Specialized Jynx 650b just under 2 weeks ago.

      I’m a big chicken so the first time out was just on a flat, muddy, dirt road. My second time out a friend brought me out on some mild single-track. There were a few small rocks and roots but nothing like I’ve seen you crazy experienced riders do on videos. I was scared the whole time and never went very fast and didn’t go very far (3 miles max). Well…suddenly my shifting was all messed up and I heard a lot of clanking. We all figured it was a problem with the derailleur. I brought it back to the shop where I bought it and the diagnosis is the middle chainring is damaged beyond repair and must be replaced. The bike mechanic was quite convinced that it was strictly due to damage and not a defect.

      So, what I’m wondering is…did I do something wrong? Was there something I could have done to prevent this or is it just a "sh*t happens" part of mountain biking?

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