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      Too many black and grey bicycles now a days.     Bike companies should look to bring back brighter colors (go back to the 1990’s and get some color back in this sport).     Its not a dull sport so why have the dull colors on almost every bike now a days?     Santa Cruz is about the only company with some awesome color as of late.

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      I am going to have to disagree. I love the all black bikes (murdered out to include stanchions) and flat colors. I would not call these dull looking bikes but bikes with some style. Colors don’t make the bike beautiful. It is the geometry, the sweet components, the beefy tires that can handle all terrains, the neatness with how it is all put together (as opposed to a cheap bike slapped together) that makes a bike beautiful. It is the substance.

      Plus with all the variety in component colors any bike can be made to have such great and diverse color schemes. You can even find valve stems in a variety of colors to customize your bike.

      I don’t like a splashy color scheme. I have a red bike with red logo (Salsa) and blue bike with blue logo (Santa Cruz, the other option on the specific bike was brown with blue logo which I find totally ugly). I like the simplicity and how it highlights the geometry and monster wheels and tires and wide handle bars. The parts that matter stick out and people commit on the beauty of both based on what they are and not the color scheme.

      I would rather me pick out the colors for my bike by customizing instead of some company.

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      I say bring back the metallic paint. It makes the overall appearance much better.

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      For bikes, I favor bikes with very bright even neon colors—yellow, orange, chili red, turquoise blue -something that pops.  Not only do I like these colors but I also think it’s a smart thing to do.  When I’m on the road, I want drivers to see me.  When I’m on the trail, I want hunters to see me.  Black, grey, brown, green, and tan just blend in.  Riding a bright color bike might save your life.

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      There was a time not too long ago where you could get custom colors or at least have selection of multiple colorways on non-halo bikes. This disappeared mostly due to excess cost and low ROI for the companies. Most smaller to mid-level companies nowadays generally will offer two color schemes per frame; a wild and mild per say. The big boi’s like Trek and Specialized have custom color programs on certain models, but they are spendy and you will not find them available on anything beyond their top-shelf offerings. However, if you are an industrious type you can custom paint any frame (including carbon) yourself for really inexpensively via using Spray Bike.

      I have painted a couple of frames with it and it works exceptional well. It is tougher than frames I have had powder-coated and the biggest cost is just the time you put into it.

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      Bring back the Kleins!!!


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        @Phonebem: “Bring back the Kleins!!!”

        I had two pre-Trek Kleins in the early/mid-90’s. They looked great and rode well, but were rather fragile. I went through a couple of sets of those screwy Mission Control stem/bar/fork combos before I finally bought a more substantial aftermarket set up. Those frames would have made phenomenal cyclocross bikes if you could’ve shoved 700c wheels into them.


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        I’ll agree with you on their fragile nature. Also weren’t they before somebody realized replaceable derailleur hangers were a really good idea? Also, when will they realize that proprietary integrated systems (like bars/stems/forks) aren’t going to work? It seems like somebody decides to dust-off this idea every decade or so…

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      Interesting comments and ideas.  Thanks everyone.  On the topic of color preference alone, I have no interest in white and grey, though my bike is white. Very boring.  IMO, black and other deep colors can be very cool as can bright florescent colors.

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      Yes to bright colors! Of course, if you’re doing your homework and picking the right bike then you’re stuck with that color. Darn, I got stuck with hot pink 😉

      I would also like to see 90s and/or neon extended into the clothing, for mountain biking to be an “edgy” sport I’m kinda surprised with the low-risk color schemes. Don’t take the black and nature-inspired colors away, just give us more options!



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      I like the Matte/Flat colors that are out, but I approach this differently than what I’ve read in the string so far.

      To me, the flat colors (especially Black/Dark Gray/etc.) provide a canvas to stand out against. Grabber blue pedals and matching lock-on grips. Hot Orange seats paired w/ zip ties to match. Fenders. Shoes. Shirts. Shorts. Gloves. And don’t get me started on stickers . . !

      With a basic frame, you have a strong background to stand out against. I’m not suggesting there’s nothing wrong with wanting colors; I just view it differently.

      Semi-related . . . anyone know where I can find stickers of Marmaduke from the old comic strip? I have a fender that needs at least one.

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      Wow, Leah.  That’s an amazing rig.  You must be quite the rider to ride that bike.  =)  I bet Jeff can’t keep up with you when you’re on that sled.  =)  Ride on girl !!!

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      I love the matte black finish with matte grey lettering on my bike. To me, it just looks classic and badass.

      I also figure if it’s in a line of bikes at a TH or bikepark, the brightly-colored and flashy-looking bikes are more likely to catch a roving thief’s eye. 😉

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      When I’m on the road, I want drivers to see me.  When I’m on the trail, I want hunters to see me.  Black, grey, brown, green, and tan just blend in.  Riding a bright color bike might save your life.

      I can understand this, but I ride with a bright orange helmet and during hunting season (or on the road, which I try to avoid) will wear bright orange or neon yellow shirts and reflective gear. I feel like if a driver or hunter doesn’t see you until they see the bike under you, it’s probably too late.

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      Yes. Colored bikes are not that too many but maybe it’s because of the sales. Maybe more people really buy black/gray/or white so they manufacture more simple colors. I also have to agree on the comment above that the beauty of bikes can also come from the patterns and shape. For me, the perfect bike color is a neon one so the cars could easily see me and I also like futuristic patterns.

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      I really like the way the colored vintage bikes look.

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